Witch Hazel Plant

witch hazel plantWhat is Witch Hazel?

Witch hazel plant is another powerful natural resource ever found because this plant can do a lot of wonders. It has many usages from healing acne to tightening and cleansing vagina. It is an astringent that help the body to shrink or constrict any opening or wounds. It has antibacterial properties.

There are few species of witch hazel and there are found in North America, Japan and China. The common species found in North America is called Hamamelis virginiana. The flowers are in beautiful goldish color during the blooming season.

What Can Witch Hazel Do For You?

In the ancient time, the American Indians value this herbs highly and they use it for many types of application mostly for the medicinal purposes. Acne is one of the example that need this powerful natural ingredient as it can help in covering back the opening without leaving deep and obvious scar. Due to the disinfectant capability, acnes when treated with this witch hazel extract will be less inflammable thus healing process will be shorten. You may find out more on this clear acne solution which incorporate witch hazel extract.

Witch hazel also helps women to heal faster from swollen wound caused by childbirth. It sooths those injuries caused by the torn surface and muscles at the vaginal wall.

Witch hazel plant has many more uses as natural remedy. This remedy can be used as treatment for eczema, psoriasis, ingrown nails, aftershave applications, sweaty face, blistered or cracked skin, varicose veins, insect bites and hemorrhoids.

Witch Hazel In Vagina Tightening Cream

Besides that, witch hazel plant produce the extraction which is one of the ingredient in vaginal tightening cream. The creator of one of the best product in this category had gone through studies and acknowledge the benefit of this plant. The research knows that this plant can make the cream even more powerful than normal vaginal tightening cream or moisturizer because it helps to protect the private part from germs, inflammation, rigorous friction (due to sexual activities) and many harsh situation like cuts and scratches (due to possible stimulation using finger or devices).

This vaginal tightening gel has this value added ingredient in witch hazel (hamamelis virginiana) that can do so much good to your vaginal system while other type of product only work in dealing with specific problem or condition. And the cost is almost the same or even lower then other cream.

Intivar, already packed with the powerful oak gall herbs, couple with this herb can really make this product worth although it maybe slightly higher price than those normal moisturizers or tightening gel. Some product with higher price yet there do not have this witch hazel ingredient and worse they incorporate with chemical that can cause dryness such as the potassium alum.

When you buy Intivar, indirectly you are getting yourself the extraction of the witch hazel plant thus getting all the benefits from this wonderful plant. Women can look after their reproduction system with this product, whether it is for tightening or simply to protect from germs and maintain the good vaginal health.