Vaginal Tightness

Vaginal Tightness

extra pleasureDo you know that many men deprived from the extra feeling of vaginal tightness? You got to admit that a complete and satisfying sex comes from both parties when they are enjoying their intimate time to the fullest. You will know if a man is enjoying it, he will moan or he got that extra excitement in him.

Which lady not aroused by the moan of your man? She will feel more excited as well. Some men fake it to please their partner. So, how to get that real and not fake moan? Because, you know it that if he is faking it, you do not get a complete and satisfying sex. The similar situation happens to your partner too.

The intimate gel, it’s not like any normal gel out there that only lubricate and added that extra scent with certain flavor. This cream does it all. It naturally trigger the secretion for moisture, strengthen vaginal wall, improve vaginal tightness as well as giving the vaginal system an overall protection from infection.

In the modern days, both parties, men or women are going through stressful life, and because of that the hormone in their body are affected. Particularly in the female side, the effect will be more significant. Most women have problem with dryness and this cause many side effects. It causes rashes, itchiness, burning sensation, pain during sex, viral and bacteria infection and many more complication.

Back to the arousal I mentioned earlier. The real moan is actually achieved when your partner received that extra feeling of arousal when the underneath of his penis head got stimulated by the vaginal tightness. The looseness condition of vagina (after childbirth or due to other condition) gives no or less feeling at all to the excitement of the man. That’s why more and more men asking for oral because vagina simply could not perform to give that pleasure the man is asking.

Since, this kind of things are kinda taboo to talk about or simple too embarassed to voice out or worry of making their partner feel disappointed, something has to be done or prolong of such situation may cause straint in relationship.

So, what so special about this wonder gel?

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It is able to solve all these problems above for you. You need not utter a word about it and let your man enjoy that extra feeling of vaginal tightness.