Top Mistakes With Kegel Exercises

Mistakes With Kegel Exercises

kegel exerciseKegel exercises are often used to improve a women’s sexual functioning because many people believe that a stronger pelvic floor can help women reach orgasm, but the truth is that Kegel exercises have many other benefits that can help you out. However, most women make a bunch of mistakes with the Kegel exercises, and this can lead to reduced effectiveness and other problems that make the exercises almost useless. If you want the most benefits from these exercises, then be sure to avoid these top mistakes.

No Schedule

Kegel exercises are just like any other type of workout: you need to schedule it. Most women just do it at some point. While this can help a bit, it’s much better to schedule it into your daily life. This ensures that you actually do it, and it builds up a routine so that you won’t forget about it. You can schedule it every other day at first, and then every day as you get better.

If you don’t schedule it into your daily life, then you will probably forget about the exercises after doing them once or twice.

Not Doing Them Enough

Many women give up on their Kegel exercises after a week or so because they don’t see any improvements. This is a similar problem that many women have with general exercise. They don’t see any improvements, so they stop. Just like with your regular workouts, it’s going to take time before you notice a difference in your pelvic floor.

If you have a normal pelvic floor, then it will probably be about 3-5 weeks before you notice a difference. If your pelvic floor is week, then you might need 8-10 weeks of Kegel exercises or more before you notice a major difference. Just keep doing it. If you do the exercises correctly, then you are sure to notice a difference within a few months.

Too Much Exercising

Another mistake is that some women do too much, and this can actually damage the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor is just like any other muscle: if it’s trained too much, then it can be damaged. This can make orgasms much harder to reach, and any incontinence problems you have might get much worse.

If you are already doing a lot of exercise with your abdominal area, then you may not need to do Kegel exercises. You should also watch out for things that put pressure on your pelvic floor, like being overweight or having a chronic cough.

Not Using Aids

It might seem weird with Kegel exercises, but there are many aids and tools that can add resistance to your regimen. Adding resistance will improve the exercises because your pelvic floor will get much stronger in a shorter amount of time.

You can get these aids without visiting a specialist, though a specialist will be able to help you more because he or she can ensure that you are doing the exercises correctly.

Learn Proper Technique

Yes, there is a proper technique with Kegel exercises. If you don’t do this correctly, then it just becomes wasted effort and time because you are contracting other muscles. While there are many guides available, it’s usually best to visit a specialist so that he or she can run some tests to see if you are doing your Kegel exercises correctly.

It might feel a little embarrassing at first, but this will dramatically help your pelvic floor.


While Kegel exercises are very effective, the truth is that many women make substantial mistakes that can sabotage their exercising efforts. You need to make a schedule, learn the proper technique and use aids if you want the best benefits. Just use these tips, and your pelvic floor will thank you.