Stretched Vagina – How To Shrink It Back!

If you are looking for how a stretched vagina look like, then I have to apologize because I do not have the picture to show you. But, if don’t know or curious what this stretched vagina means to you then please read on because you might think that it is not important or it won’t happen to you (I am not implying that it will surely affect you)  however, it is good to know about it and how to take care of yourself in the future.

Vagina Got Stretched

If you have stretched vagina, most probably you have gone through the vaginal childbirth where you vagina stretched to a point to allow the head and body of the baby come out through. In the childbirth process, the muscles , the tissues and vagina itself went through massive stretches and this inevitably caused stretched vagina and it can be very loose.

You may think that by nature, your uterus, womb, the muscles in your vagina will automatically contract and shrink back, and you are right. It will suppose to be shrunk back to original shape but, in the modern days when we are taking too much or input ourselves with too much bad residues due to environment, food, etc it will alter the nature thus affecting you.

The old traditional methods were long gone. Many good old methods that make use herbs and natural ingredients would have benefited the younger generations as there can aid young mothers recovery from childbirth.

Commonly Asked Question

I have found this is a common question asked by women


I have never been able to feel a man’s penis inside me after giving birth to my last child twelve years ago. I do not know if this is good or bad as it did not hurt or feel anything when I have smear tests.

I feel this stretched vagina is causing problem with my sex life. And I had tried Pelvic Floor Exercises but it doesn’t seems to be effective.


In usual situation, you will need to do exercises for a minimum of 6 months. It is better to be under the guidance of a professional, like midwife or physiotherapist in order to vastly improve the vaginal muscle tone. This case is sound too serious and you would need to meet a gynae and possibility of vaginal tightening surgery

The answer provided was from one of the renowned doctor. But from my perspective, before we try to do any major decision on surgery, we will need to seek out if there are better alternative that does not incur massive cost and should be as natural as possible to minimize side effects.

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