Do you know that PK24 vaginal tightening and rejuvenation method are outdated? The ingredients in the PK24 are not as good as some of the newer vaginal tightening products on the market.

Discover, why PK24 is probably NOT the vaginal rejuvenation or tightening product for you.

pk24As time goes by, and continuous upgrade of competitors product, it is inevitable that PK24 is  already over their shelf life. Besides that, the price of the PK24 is not cheap and the ingredients used are not the top in the market. This is by no mean an attack to the product PK24 as whatever stated here are facts.

Yes, PK24 was the first clinically tested vaginal rejuvenation cream but as most other products are also having their testing and clinical trials done as the demanding markets are catching up. But the problem is not because of this clinical test, it is because of the ingredients used in PK24.

PK24 Ingredients

One of the main ingredient of PK24 is Potassium Alum which is often used by most vaginal tightening products due to the it’s properties which can tightening opening. It is astringent as well, but what actually the problem is, it can cause dryness. Although some may suffer from dryness, but there are chances that it will happen to you.

Glycerin is a chemical that can cause bad thing to a woman. It depends on whether or not you are having tendency to yeast infections. As you can understand, glycerin is a kind of sugary liquid, and since yeast loves sugar, you can see why these two would make a bad combination. Look for a glycerin-free lubricant if you are sensitive to this kind of thing.

Methylparaben and proplyparaben are parabens that may trigger allergic on certain person’s skin. There are used as inhibitors of microbial growth and to extend shelf life of the particular product. These chemicals are widely used even though it is known to be toxic. It may cause skin rashes, irritation and allergic reactions as it is a toxic synthetic chemical.

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Not all are bad though, PK24 does have the aloe barbadensis leaf which is  a soothing plant extract and it is similar to aloe vera. This can help to ease up the dryness and provide good lubrication.

PK24 Price

The price of a small 30ml bottle of PK24 is $59.95 and add up with the shipping cost of 19.99 will give a total of $79.94. This is more expensive than the all natural ingredients Intivar tightening and moisturizer gel.


Do not believe in what I say, please do your search around the potassium alum and dryness, as well as glycerin and yeast infection not to mention also the parabens in causing allergies. It is not new though, and as to why FDA still approved those material to be used is because the ingredients are so vast in it’s usage and application. It may not suit certain products or persons.

To be safe, please use ONLY organic and all natural ingredients product. Use Intivar tightening and rejuvenation gel which the ingredients are so much more powerful and natural.

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