Manjakani Review

manjakaniI am really amazed by what Manjakani can do for a woman after I read a malay article about majority of the malay women community, the indonesian, the borneo , and other parts of Asian countries taking manjakani as part of their diet. In their community, it’s been passed down from many generations the importance and the practice to take manjakani in their diet.

Taking it once or twice a week can do wonders to the women body and most importantly the reproduction system ie. the vaginal and the womb. This reproduction system is the key to women general health as when this system is healthy, a women in general will be healthy.

Manjakani Case Study

I found out from the article that a case study had been done on a 56th years old woman. Amazing, this old lady went to do pap smear and the doctor was so impressed with her overall reproduction system. Not just that the pap smear result was excellent, in fact, the doctor lauded that this lady who had menopause many years already, was actually maintaining the womb and the vaginal wall are in tip top form. The whole system is well placed, no loose muscles, vaginal walls are as tight as a young woman.

Manjakani History

Manjakani also known as Oak Gall has a history dated back in the 2500 BC. In the past, it’s been used as part of the traditional medication in Egyptian, Persian, Arabs and many other middle east countries. One type of Manjakani that are reigned supreme is known as Manjakani Allepo which came from Allepo area in Syria.

Manjakani aka Oak Gall

This oak gall is formed when the leave from a tree called quercus infectoria was stung by a type of insect called cynips tinctorial or cynips gallaetinctoria. The chemical reaction after the sting had caused the leave to produce a brownish colored round ball called oak gall.

The active ingredients inside the Manjakani are tannin, gallic acid and ellagic acid which contain antibacterial agents that are used by Malaysian’s women (especially the malays, the bumis, and local ethnics) after childbirth to rejuvenate the womb and uterus wall muscles.

Manjakani can be applied topically or taken orally as pills. This oak gall extract are active ingredient in this amazing cream. This cream has been receiving raving reviews and approvals among the loose vagina sufferers, as well as by women who are suffering from vaginal dryness, and/or those who are suffering from menopause.

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Due to it’s anti-microbial effect of Manjakani, it can cure vaginal white discharge, smelly vagina, vaginal itchiness and skin problem.

Manjakani Benefits

Here are the benefits if you use the gel that contain Manjakani :

  • Anti-aging – active antioxidants that delay aging cells
  • Prevent Diabetes – Galic Acid can curb diabetes and beat fatigue
  • Breast and Womb Cancer Prevention – antioxidants that helps in preventing cancerous cells
  • Odor Control – anti-microbial kill germs that caused vaginal odor
  • Restore Vaginal Wall Muscles – tannin has astringen effect which helps to contract the muscles that had been loosen and torn muscles (in the case of childbirth)
  • White Discharge Control – control and prevent white discharge due to the anti-bacterial property.
  • Vaginal Moisture Control – it will properly lubricate the vaginal in the event of stimulation
  • Improve Skin Elasticity – the astringen factor in manjakani help to maintain elasticity and beauty of the skin
  • Increase Female Libido – increase sexual desires and appetite and energy level

I am really amazed by such a wonderful natural ingredient that can perform all the wonders above. Being a woman is hard enough, let alone having all kind of problems related to the reproduction system. However, with manjakani, which are jammed packed inside the Intivar™ tube, you are assured to receive all the above advantage.


If you do not believe in the power of manjakani, come to the borneo (East Malaysia) and take a look at the local ethnics woman (beware of customary!), as well as those women in Sabah and Sarawak, as they have very high female libido and maintaining their body in tip top form.

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manjakani pilP/S : Alternatively there is a product called Manjakani Perapat Xtra which is in the form of pill and is taken orally. It can be found here