Loose Vagina

When your partner or your lover said your vagina is loose and does not provide him the sensual effect that he wanted, you will worry if it will seriously affect your relationship. And it is embarassing because loose vagina makes you feel so uncomfortable and low in confidence level too.

Not just that, you do not enjoy sex with loose vagina as there is no sensation or stimulation which will lead to low libido and when this happened, relationship will normally suffer. So, you need to take action now, but first you need to know the cause.

Why Loose Vagina?

So, what caused vagina to be loose? The most common factor that causes loose vagina is vaginal childbirth. The stretching that happens to accommodate the delivery during childbirth will undoubtedly causing the vagina loose. The other factors are hormonal changes, trauma, frequent use or insertion of large objects such as huge dildo or huge strapon, etc. Whatever the case, the most important thing is what are you going to do about it.

Methods To Solve Loose Vagina

So, here are what you need to do. Quickly go and correct the problem before it is too late. And you have many options but here are the most common:

1. Surgery to tighten it which will need a huge amount of money. It does not guarantee long term solution even though it removes unwanted tissues but the underlying problem that cause it to be loose might still remain. Besides, the recovery period will be significant, as it will be weeks or even months without the sex, how would your sex partner or lover react with this delay? Not to mention the possibility of infection and inflammation. So, it has too much risk, so what are other solution?

2. Using the natural and powerful ingredient such as mirofirm, witch hazel, oak gall extract (AKA Manjakani), and korean ginseng (panax). But how to prepare all these? Luckily, there is a cream / gel that is sold online direct from the vendor called Intivar gel help to solve this problem, as it has all the ingredients mixed and with the correct formula ensuring the maximum effect and instant solution.

Intivar is not expensive (from $42.5), and it has not only tightening advantage, it also rejuvenate and stop dryness problem.

However, please beware of other cheap cream that are made from chemicals that may cause dryness to your vagina. You do not need to further complicate the problem and vagina is a delicate organ.

You may check out more on this product by clicking here. This is the best solution so far as many products out there are using artificial or chemicals.

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loose vagina solution


You do not need to suffer loose vagina anymore. You do not need to feel low in confidence worrying. Get this Intivar gel and you can see the result as soon as couple of minutes after application. Isn’t that amazing? You may read more about this powerful gel with the related post below to further understand how this product can finally eliminate your loose vagina problem.

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