Kegel Ball – Strengthen Vaginal Muscle

kegel ballKegel ball, aka Ben Wa ball or Geisha ball are small ball with diameter about ¾ of an inch, normally come in pair for used along with kegel exercise for women. It is used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and improve the muscle tone of the vaginal wall. It is also used to improve control of the bladder.

These small and marble-sized stainless steel metal kegel balls, usually in a solid form used for pelvic floor exercises (by inserting into the vagina). Also have in a  larger version made of plastic encasing lesser balls which are called Duotone balls. They are used by inserting them into the vagina and using wall muscles to hold them in, and exercise to improve grip.

A short history about Kegel balls. Back in the ancient time, it was said to be used to enhance sexual intercourse by having a single ball inside the vagina,  but since then it has evolved into multiple metal covered balls. To ease removal of the balls the balls are linked by a chain or string. It was used to ‘tease’ or have somekind of mild sensation to create the stimulation not meant for orgasm but to improve overall sexual experience. Some find it pleasurable by using it while sitting on the rocking chair. The Kegel balls would be placed in vagina for the whole  day.

This ball was traced back to the 16th century where an English traveller, found it in Burma (now Myanmar) and Thailand. Taoist women back then was already using it for centuries to improve their vaginal muscles and it was known as ‘deer exercise’.

Kegel balls in the modern day is used to increase the strength of the pelvic floor muscles and are strongly recommended by gynaecologists and obstetricians to increase vaginal elasticity and bladder control. Vaginal weights come in with different heaviness and are used in increasing weights to strengthen the vagina, thus improves sexual performance.

Kegel Ball Usage

Kegel balls are small, weighted balls that are inserted inside the vagina. Kegel balls have different weights (you can buy a set of kegel balls with different weights) and the different weight of the balls makes the vaginal muscles  to work harder each time a weight is increased and this will increase the muscle strength effectively.

Make sure the kegel balls are clean and take a comfortable position, and slowly insert the Kegel balls fully into the vagina, but don’t push them deep inside. If you have difficulty with pushing in, maybe you can apply a bit of gel (like KY gel) but not too much or the ball will slip out easily when you assume standing position.

Standing Position

When assuming standing position, keep hold of the balls inside the vagina and not let it drop out. This is done by squeeze and hold firm the vaginal wall muscles. Always try with the lightest weight before progressing to heavier. If you relax the muscle, the balls will drop. The longer you do this kegel exercise, the more you will be able to hold the balls inside and for more longer period. You can do this exercise three times a day, and do it regularly. Try to walk around with the Kegel balls inside to improve further.

Squatting Position

With Kegel balls still inside vagina, open your legs apart, and start slowly the squatting. Maintain chest up, and push your buttocks back. And slowly move into a deeper squat position. This is a harder procedure to do with the stomach pressure, it will be difficult to keep the kegel balls in, so you will have to squeeze hard, or it will fall out.

As it improve gradually, the standing and squatting exercises will become a norm, and you may insert the Kegel balls into the vagina, and keep them inside during the daily activities: like shopping, cleaning, walking in the garden or park, working or showering. With this advanced stage of the kegel exercises, and you will be able to keep the balls inside for more longer periods. A wonderful side effect of Kegel ball exercises is an increase of arousal while exercising.

You may remove the Kegel balls by slowly insert an index finger in the vagina to the back of the ball,  then relax the pelvic floor muscles, and pull each ball out. Some kegel balls come with string to make it easier to locate it can pull it out. Wash it with warm water with soap, and rinse well and keep it dry. Please do not use Kegel ball if you have any gynecological complication.