HRT Program

HRT shorts for Hormone Replacement Therapy is a therapy needed to supplement the lack of body’s natural hormone due to condition like menopause, or certain disease that cause lacking of hormone. In this HRT program context, we are referring to hormone deficiency in women who are experiencing menopause or perimenopause. You would need HRT program to get the necessary hormone back to the level prior to menopause.

Menopause Symptoms

hrt programAnxiety , fear, lack of confidence, feeling of useless, and many related detrimental thoughts make it look like as though you have mental disorder. Complaints of dizziness, sweating a lot, chest palpitations, are not indicating cardiovascular disorders.

It is the sign of estrogen deficiency. Especially if it happens to women aged reach 40 years and above. In developed countries, such problems can be resolved by taking HRT program. According to a medical doctor, Ali Baziad from Doctorate Faculty of University of Indonesia, many complaints in menopausal women arise from lacking of estrogen.

Symptoms such as palpitations, sweating a lot, dizziness, anxiety, fear of attack, lack of confidence, excessive jealousy, pain during sexual intercourse with husband (vaginal dryness), decreased sexual passion (low libido), dry eyes, dry throat, as well as bone and muscle pain are commonly happen and women should not worry too much as it is happening to all women entering their menopause period. The difference is the degree of severity.

In the space of 5 until 10 years after menopause, there is a problem such as osteoporosis (brittle bones), coronary heart disease, dementia (confused or senile) such as Alzheimer’s, stroke and urinary incontinence. It is considered a natural problem however, most women consider menopause is something that happens and do nothing about it .

Complaints arose when it is regarded as the natural process and do not feel the need to be treated. In most cases, it is the husbands who see the changes that occurred in their wives, thus came forward to the doctor for consultation. There are cases of woman executives who are troubled, irritated, forgetful, and making wrong decisions. These cause problem to their work and family” said Ali.

HRT Program

“In a case of a woman suffered severe depression, the finding shows, the women with estrogen deficiency have their condition improved after receiving hormone replacement therapy (HRT program) ” Ali added. Many women have the misconceptions that taking hormones would cause breast cancer. They rather use drugs such as pain killer, sleeping pills, or heart medication for fear of side effects.

Ali told that there are many benefits of the hormone therapy. The obvious benefit is overcoming depression. Other than that, it can make women calm thus increase confidence, improve family relationship, muscle tone, skin wrinkles and urinary incontinence. There are no reported cases of breast cancer directly as a result of estrogen therapy. However, many reports shown that drugs contains estrogen are indeed causing many side effects.

Alternatives Solution to HRT

As featured in Femail of The Daily Mail UK, there are other safer alternatives to HRT. It was reported in this web page that, Panax ginseng has the ability to calm the symptoms of menopause. As most people know, ginseng has mysterious power of healing. This herb has some oestrogen-like activity.

Oestrogen can replace your body’s low level estrogen and when administered with right dose, it will boost your hormone level. This panax ginseng extract is one of the potent ingredient in our flagship product Intivar. It does not have excessive oestrogen and it is natural way to HRT program.

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