FSD | Female Sexual Dysfunction

In the news, it has been reported that FSD or Female Sexual Dysfunction is on the rise. And special attention needs to be given as if this disorder is not stopped, it will lead to more disharmony in relationships and families. It may cause divorce and family problems.



FSD causes relationship problem

It is estimated that 10% of women are suffering from FSD. It was published in a report from the Journal of Sexual Medicine and medical communitiy should give more emphasis to this serious female condition.

Inside the report, it was noted that the drug that was responsible to cure male impotence could be used for women with low sexual drive. But, it was still insufficient research to prove that this drug will give positive result.

The question was why the large number of FSD sufferers do not get the appropriate treatment? The answer given was merely stating there were very few options available for treatment of female sexual dysfunction. It claimed that the FSD information is still lacking.

Difficulty to Define

How do you define that a woman is having FSD? How do you quantify FSD? These are the questions puzzling the researchers. Unlike in the opposing sex where it is easier to judge if he is having erectile dysfunction or not. It is either he can obtain an erection or not able to.

FSD is too vague. Sex experts said, possible classification of FSD by the symptoms like, their ability to orgasm, sexual satisfying level and uncomfortable or even painful sex. Psychological wise, unhappiness in relationship, stressful environment and traumatic events are also affecting FSD.

Due to so many possible factors and sufferers are too embarrass or reluctant to feedback about their problems, treatment for FSD is difficult to be done if not impossible. There are no pills or supplements can do that said the experts.

In a separate report, there are even more proofs of FSD cases. It could be more common that what reported in theearlier report. A science channel reported as much as 25% of women actually facing the problem to achieve orgasm. This is a very startling statistic.

Flibanserin Banned

In 2010, a new hope was cited that we can have a viagra version for female. The name of the drug is Flibanserin. It was originally created as an anti-depressant which would have become available to treat women with FSD.

All hopes were dashed as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration in America) disapproved the treatment pill, citing it was deemed “unclear” about the safety of the pill. There were possible side effects from the treatment.

It was claimed that alternative such as testosterone patches like Intrinsa able to assist women with low libido. But not all women are gaining improvement from this method.

Although female had been suffering from this disorder for quite some time, Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) is relatively new as a ‘labelled’ disorder. With experts looking into this matter seriously, it is likely that new treatment options will become available sooner than we thought.

New Hope

This year, it was sighted that new products emerged and most significantly, in the area of FSD giving more hopes of reducing FSD cases. The are few good products coming out such as Intivar, HerSolution and Instant VirginIntivar and HerSolution had come out with good solution to help female with FSD problem. Both can help to cause arousal and big boost to the sexual level of a female.

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