Creamy White Discharge

Unless you are referring to other type of white discharge, but the creamy white discharge in this post means the common whitish sticky discharge from female genital.

The problem of white discharge is among the most common health problems experienced by many women.  This whitish discharge is the second problem after menstrual disorders in term of female reproduction organ.

Symptoms of White Discharge

creamy white dischargeDischarge may be thick , whitish, yellowish or greenish and may cause foul smelling. Some women may think that the discharge from the vagina is a common problem. Some women found out that this discharge actually causing problem to their daily activities as well as their appearance in the public.

The present of white discharge may caused by infection or it maybe a normal condition. Slightly white discharge from young female not at her productive age may just be a normal condition as the discharge is not in big amount, thin, no odor and no itching.

However, when situation persists for a long period, you must visit the doctor for consultation.

What Causes White Discharge?

This creamy white discharge is actually coming from the secretion generated by the vagina for protection against germs and to moisturize the vagina. But this fluid might got infected by bacterias or fungus.

Normally, this fluid that comes out is produced by glands at the thick opening of the uterus. It may got mixed up with fungus or bacteria.

Physiologically, the discharge occurred due to the mentrual cycle. Usually it happens at the start and after menstruation period. This situation may occur as well during pregnancy.

White discharge maybe determined base on the nature of the whitish condition (with odor or itchiness) as well as the number of time it occurs, whether it is continuously.

Abnormal Whitish Discharge

Below are some abnormal examples of white discharge :

Fungal infection which cause creamy white discharge or yellow color, thick , cheesy, sticky and itching. This normally caused by the fungus known as Candida or monillia. This is also known as thrush.

Trichomonas infection, this type of discharge is usually indicated by the green-colored liquid, and as well as itching

Bacterial vaginosis infection is marked as release of grey discharge and smelly. The disease is transmitted through sex, which is usually indicated with a discharge that is ‘cheesy’, and with smell of mixed blood.

Cancer of cervix will cause discharge but it is not itchy. However the condition usually accompanied by odor.

Other Causes

Some other examples of whitish vaginal discharge include:

Atrophic vaginitis that arise during old age (menopause) which is usually accompanied by lacking of estrogen

Drugs such as antibiotics or drugs that contain estrogen

The presence of foreign objects such as yarn, cloth or other objects that intentionally / unintentionally present in the vagina.

Prevention & Treatment

It is important for women to observe the following preventive measures:

  1. Practise good hygiene to prevent the cause of white discharge
  2. Be careful when applying medication or excessive use of female hygienic solution on vagina . It may cause loss of natural environment in the vagina which is important to protect against infection from external agents.
  3. Steer clear from excessive pressure (pressure in life or work may cause hormonal imbalance)
  4. Diabetic condition (diabetes) cause by unstable blood sugar level
  5. Immediately visit a doctor when whitish condition worsen or prolong for a long period.
  6. Boost yourself with probiotics to improve vaginal ecosystem

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creamy white discharge