China Shrink Cream Scam

china shrink cream scamBEWARE of China Shrink Cream scam! Vagina is a sensitive organ. The skin is delicate and easily absorb lube or cream when applied. It is also easily cause inflammation if chemicals reaction occur. It depends on what you put in it. It is important to know what you put into your vagina as it may cause adverse effect. Read more about this China Shrink cream review below.

What is China Shrink Cream?

Many websites do not expose or telling their consumers what are the ingredients inside. I felt compelled to bring this out as you are my dearest visitor and I concern about your health as well as helping you to seek sexual pleasure.

China Shrink Cream is formulated to tighten the vaginal walls. And it is intended for loose vagina due to frigidity and multiple childbirth. The effect of application claimed to be five minutes after application. It is temporary tighten vagina and maintain for a period of ranging from 30minutes to 12 hours.

What is inside China Shrink Cream?

This product contains the following main ingredients:  Potassium Alum (Potassium Aluminium Sulfate),  PEG-3350 and PEG-400. There are other chemicals, but I do not want to elaborate too much as these few main ingredients will be enough for you to decide if this is for you.

Potassium Alum is used as deodorant and it is antiseptic. It will cause dryness and this product is not favorable for women who produce less lubricant or those who are not easily aroused. This chemical may cause irritation and inflammation to your vagina delicate skin.

Please be alert NOT to mix this cream with other lubricant gel or cream. It may cause unwanted effects. You do not want this thing to happen especially you are looking for pleasure, not adding problem to your health.

PEG-3350 (POLYETHYLENE GLYCOL) is used for treating constipation and it is known as an osmotic-type laxative. Overuse of this chemical may cause diarrhea, excess loss of body water (dehydration), and mineral imbalance (e.g., low sodium).

PEG-400 is a variant from above, but this PEG has a low level of toxicity. If this ingredient contact with eyes, it may cause some irritation, so becareful when using this cream and not to accidentally wipe your eyes, also please alert your partner too.

Alternative To China Shrink Cream

I could elaborate more about the safety concern. But due to this limited space, I just want to alert all women to check for what ingredients are inside a particular product before using it. Especially those products are to be consumed orally or apply to delicate skin.

If possible, please use natural ingredients alternative. Vaginal tightening cream such as Intivar is the best tightening product with natural ingredients. It has the power of manjakani aka oak gall which derived from a plant. Application of manjakani not only boost your vagina wall and at the same time protect your overall vaginal and womb health. You may read more on manjakani below.

Click HERE To Read About Manjakani


I am not against using China Shrink cream nor endorse the product. You decide if this China Shrink cream scam is true or false. Yes, is true that this product is cheap, it is cheap for a reason. You will never know if there is a long term effect when using chemical such as Potassium Alum. But by using natural ingredient like manjakani in Intivar, prolong use of it can only give you a better vaginal health.

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Below are some testimonials taken from various sources about China Shrink cream:
Its a myth, August 28, 2011
By truthsayer
This review is from: China Shrink Cream (Health and Beauty)

I bought this and used it quite a couple of times, it never worked. The few times I used it was to try and get my money’s worth but to no avail. This product does not tighten anything. Well thats what you get for that price…an unrealistic promise!

Yuck, October 5, 2011
By Tselanterror
This review is from: China Shrink Cream (Health and Beauty)

Its temporary but not instant put it on at least 5 minutes before you have sex to use it. This product was giving me BV. If you have a sensitive vagina this product definitely isn’t for you. Its gritty almost feels like sand when sex is in play and tastes horrible, my boyfriend tried to go down on me after I used it (I forgot)and he almost puked. I felt horrible but beside all of that it pretty much did the job for a few minutes. I would never get it again.

Published 7 months ago by kitty13

YUK!!!!!!! GRITTY!!!!!!

Reviewed By: lola akoua on 08/27/2004
This shrink cream is so overrated!! Instead of shrinking my hole it burned it!! All I had was irritation. It ran out like I was peeing on myself and was just not what I expected at all. The lips of my vagina were just laying open from this crap trying to get some relief!! It was a pure burning sensation, not sexy at all. I was so disappointed. After reading those so called “great reviews”. Don’t believe the hype!! I used it once and never touched it again!! I found something else much better!!

By aishaji
This review is from: China Shrink Cream (Health and Beauty)

I have only one child 3 years old, Im 26 years old, I bought this product after reading mixes reviews and lets say the china shrink cream is fair enough, meaning it makes stuff dry down there hence a feeling of “tight” which did last for 24 hours! so for what it cost its worth it to try it! any questions ask me and I will answer cause I wish I had someone to answer my questions. I only tried it once so far Im happy when I try it again I will post again! enjoy!

Reviewed By: on 07/27/2006
for what you pay for it, you don’t get alot for it. it’s like a small tube of ambesol. it wouldn’t be a big deal at all if it actually worked and we followed the directions exactly. out of the tube, it’s a very liquid gel-like substance not at all a cream like the packaging says. it feels grainy and when you put it on, there’s no sensation if it works. we waited an hour, 15 min is the recommended wait time, and it definatly didn’t work then, reapplied waited 2 hours and it still doesn’t work. also after applying, it left little clumps (for lack of better words) on my fingers.

This review is from: China Shrink Cream (Health and Beauty)

Reviewed By: on 07/30/2006

Didnt work for me. The only change was that it actually dried me out and prohibited natural lubrication.