Vaginal Tightening Cream Buying Guide

buy vaginal tightening cream guideYou want to buy vaginal tightening cream to tighten your vagina, but you do not know where to start. You are at the right place because this site will guide you to buy the right vaginal tightening cream.

What criterias to take before buying vaginal tightening cream?

Identify the right cream/gel you really need.

You have heard other women said about vaginal tightening cream. But don’t just follow the trend or what others said. What you really need to know is whether you need a libido cream or really the tightening cream. Some women’s problem do not really lies on the loosen vagina.

It might be that they lost their desire or interest in sex due to maybe menopause or other factors. In this case, you may need the libido booster, whether it is in the form of pill or gel, but experience tells us that gel is really effective as vaginal tissues are really good at absorbing cream or gel when there are applied. HerSolution is a perfect solution for this as the gel can boost women libido and return your sexual appetite.


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However, if your vagina is really ‘loose’ whether it is due to childbirth or ‘tear’ from heavy activities, you will need Intivar vaginal tightening cream because currently, there is no other gel or cream as good as Intivar. This is because it is made from natural source with cutting edge technology. It is made from 2 strongest tightening ingredients in the world. Manjakani (aka Oak Gall) and Mirofirm™.


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If you do not know what you really need, then Intivar is the best choice because, the Oak Gall or Manjakani not just able to tighten and lubricate your vagina, it can boost your libido as well.

Know if a product works

No matter how much money you pay if a product doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter because your problem still remain unresolved. So, how do you know if a product works?

In order to know how a product like Intivar works, there are few ways.

  1. Confirmation from the clinical test results, trials and scientific proofs is one of the way to know.
  2. A product that has matured on the market and very low return rates. Intivar has been around since 2010 and return rate next to zero.
  3. And finally, from the real users themselves. See their success stories here

Know About The Ingredients Used

This is an important thing to look for whenever you are going to get any health product, especially for the body area as delicate as vagina. You wouldn’t want to risk anything that may jeopardize your reproduction system rather than improving it.

The very first thing to notice is whether the ingredients used are from natural source. This is important because artificial chemicals made from the lab could bring unwanted harmful side effects to our body. Intivar is 100% all natural ingredients. Manjakani, Mirofirm, Aloe vera, Panax Korean Ginseng and Witch Hazel are all come natural sources ie. herbs and plants.

How Safe Is The Product?

With ingredients mostly from natural sources, naturally it will be safer as compared to those chemical derived from the laboratory. Besides that, it has more benefits than the lab can prove it can do. The herbs can help in overall health of the vagina. This is why Intivar and HerSolution are safe to use and it has been on the market for quite awhile and so far no harmful side effects were received.

How much this effective solution cost?

You could spend thousands of dollar on surgery or laser vaginal rejuvenation but no doctors can guarantee you the success you are looking for. With Intivar as your secret weapon towards tighter vagina, it only cost you a tiny fraction of the surgery cost. For $42.5, you can get a tube of this gel to try out, so this is ultimately a very low cost investment. Furthermore, it has money back guaranteed, so basically you really have nothing to lose.


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