Danger of Artificial Chemical Ingredient

Potassium Alum

BEWARE of chemical base product that you are going to use to tighten your vagina or lubricate it.  Vaginal tightening product out there are commonly associated with the ingredient of potassium alum which can cause dryness problem to your vagina. This ingredient found in PK24, China Shrink Cream, VieNue Vivify Vaginal Rejuvenation & Tightening Cream and most vaginal tightening products.


Another chemical ingredient to avoid is parabens which is found in many beauty products.  But if you examine closely, there are some products that do not have parabens. In this context, parabens do exist in the above 2 products (PK24, China Shrink Cream) and many tightening gel out there.

Silicone & Glycerin

As for lubricant, silicone gel or silicone base product such as KY only help to provide temporary lubrication. And this is not natural ingredient, as they use synthetic material to produce it. Lubricants containing glycerin may promote or exacerbate vaginal yeast infections in persons who are susceptible.

Best Option

The best products you should use is product that uses natural ingredients. And especially for using it or apply it on your most private and delicate place of your body, one needs to be very careful and only use the safe ingredients.

beware chemical base vaginal tightening cream

intivar uses only natural ingredients

For Safer, Effective, Natural and Most Orgasmic Sex

Use Intivar instead because this gel has all the natural ingredients and besides it is not expensive. This vaginal tightening cream is not just about tightening, it is also about treating your dryness and vaginal rejuvenation as a whole. This vaginal tightening gel DO NOT use chemicals describe above.

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P/S: You may want to read about paraben and why you should avoid it here => http://www.thegoodhuman.com/2007/06/21/what-are-parabens-and-why-should-you-avoid-them/